Calitess presents itself as the Belgian specialist of fresh and frozen, hot appetizers, made with the greatest passion, craftsmanship and respect for the rules of the culinary art.

Meanwhile, the company is a fixed value on the Belgian market within the aperitif happening and is now located in the East-Flemish Eke (Belgium).

Calitess arose from friendship between people passionate about food.

The philosophy is built around a flexible range of fresh products without added preservatives, available year round with a peak period during the end of year celebrations.

On the one hand, Calitess produces and supplies her masterpieces to the retail. Calitess is the retail traiteur à la carte, whether or not under private label.

On the other hand, Calitess approaches the better stores in the food industry through wholesalers, usually under the own brand:  

Calitess … so much more than a name !

Tailor-made offers

In function of the targets, Calitess thinks as partner of the customer until the total picture is correct.

  • Choice of various packaging
  • Realization of the snacks
  • Composition of the snacks
  • Private label possibility

Pure ingredients

At Calitess, we always guarantee the pure origin of the ingredients, both for the dressing/sauces as for the finishing touch.

  • Made fresh daily
  • Rigorous selection of the ingredients
  • High quality
  • Without added preservatives

Fast delivery

The distribution system of Calitess is tailored to the needs of our client.

  • Delivery within 2 days
  • Your products before 10 AM on the shelves